With thirty weddings in 2015 for The Garden Room and our first wedding of 2016 coming up in February, there hasn’t been a moment to update this page! Huge apologies for that. But as we’re now into 2016, we simply can’t go on without  mentioning some of our fabulous 2015 bouquets. Here goes!

Bouquet Shapes

Here you can see the difference between the very naturally arranged “country style” bouquet and a more contemporary, rounder bouquet. Both gorgeous, of course, but each is suited to a particular style of wedding.

2015 bouquets - wedding florist marlow

2015 bouquets - wedding flower arrangements

You can also choose a shower bouquet. They became much more popular in 2015. They do take more time to create, but the effect can be quite stunning.

2015 bouquets -shower wedding bouquet, Amersham   2015 bouquets - shower bouquet high wycombe

Pastel Prettiness

Pastels are always popular but these bouquets stood out because of what has been added to the arrangement. Ask for something fragrant such as herbs or freesia in your bouquet. Rosemary is the herb of love and remembrance and myrtle is the Hebrew symbol of marriage.

2015 bouquets - wedding flowers windsor  2015 bouquets - wedding bouquets marlow

Gypsophila is particularly popular as well, but for variation you could choose wax flower instead.

2015 bouquets - wedding florist buckinghamshire

2015 bouquets - wedding flowers buckinghamshire

David Austin roses are probably the ultimate in luxury and are a big hit with brides. Here we used a Columbian garden rose White O’Hara which is very similar and has a lovely fragrance. Your wedding day will probably be the best day of your life so choose the most beautiful flowers for your bouquet and make it a bouquet to remember! For the bridesmaids, you could choose smaller spray roses in the same colour.

2015 bouquets - wedding bouquets buckinghamshire    2015 bouquets - wedding florist amersham

Top Tip

Picking the same colour for your flowers but in varying shades work well. Calla lilies, whilst usually more expensive, are more reasonable in the summer months

2015 bouquets - wedding bouquets Gerrards Cross

Our Top Pick of 2015 Bouquets

Lastly, for an inexpensive but dramatic bouquet, you can create a fantastic bouquet using one large hydrangea head surrounded with foliage. What could be simpler!

2015 bouquets - hydrangea wedding bouquet

Top Tip

When working with hydrangeas, sometimes they can look heavy in a bouquet. Your florist should be able to separate the large heads with other flowers to achieve a softer look.

2015 bouquets - wedding flowers bucks

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