We thought we would take a look back over weddings from the last couple of years and wanted to share the brightest wedding we had the pleasure of being part of. James and Emma – it was truly inspirational. Hopefully you can draw some fabulous tips and ideas for your own wedding! 


I met Emma when she was working for The King’s Chapel in Amersham and she remembered me for her own wedding when she moved to the Cotswolds.  

brightest bride bouquet

Emma’s bouquet was one of the most vibrant and bright that we’ve made, but we loved it. I’m sure that this flower mix is completely unique to Emma, which is what your wedding should be all about!

Be brave and ask your florist to come up with something that reflects your personality and style, rather than copying from a picture you’ve seen. You’re bound to be much happier with the result. (But if you want some direction, look here.)

brightest hydrangea bouquet

Top Tip:

For impact and an inexpensive bouquet, you can’t beat the hydrangea. They’re also available year round too – win, win!

In the early months, however, we have to source them from South America. The colours are also more limited at that time so we recommend using them in the summer months where possible. This is when you get the best choice of colours and when they are more robust.

For Emma, the hydrangea was a natural choice as it perfectly fitted her tropical, vibrant colour scheme.

Bright Buttonholes

Why stay with just ivory for the buttonholes? Be bold, like Emma, and choose ties and waistcoats to match. We always add a little something from the brides bouquet to the groom’s buttonhole for a pulled-together look.

brightest wedding buttonholes

Colourful Corsage

This lady’s corsage used dendrobium orchids. These spectacular flowers come in many colours and can also be made as a wrist corsage or can be attached to a handbag with a simple magnet.

brightest lady's corsage

Emma’s other wish was to do the reception flowers herself. James, her fiancee, was very keen to stylise the room with fishing nets, foliage and hanging flowers. They didn’t quite go that far in the end but they added their own personal touches using lots of colour. We loved the lanterns and streamers!

Emma and her friends also copied the hand tied vase arrangement that we had done – florists in the making, all of them!

brightest wedding room decorations amersham

brightest wedding flowers buckinghamshire

Mr and Mrs Dearman – an old married couple now, two years on – we hope you’re still having fun being the bright, creative couple that you are. We will always enjoy the memories of your magical wedding day…

brightest confetti shot - wedding bouquets gerrards cross

wedding florist

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