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Mai sent us some pictures of the bridesmaids dresses before we met and we wondered what her thoughts on colours would be for her flowers as the traditional Vietnamese dresses could have leant themselves to a very exotic, strong colour combination.  As it turned out, Mai chose classic white phalanopsis orchids and calla lilies for the bouquets which we felt suited the occasion,the bride and the traditional Vietnamese dresses perfectly.

The curate of our local St James’ church in Gerrards Cross had recommended us to Martin and Mai and over afternoon tea, we chatted about their wedding plans.  Mai was very keen on having large pedestal arrangements at the front of the church and wanted purples and whites as her favourite colours.

The traditional Vietnamese wedding is one of the most important ceremonies in Vietnamese culture, with influence from Confucian and Buddhist ideologies.



It is tradition in Vietnam to take the wedding photographs before the wedding day.  I saw this for myself when I visited Hanoi a couple of years ago and I was so surprised to see many brides and grooms posing in full wedding dress for their wedding photos outside and inside The National Museum of Vietnamese History! Martin and Mai were happy to have there photos taken outside St James Church, Gerrards Cross on this occasion!


  Martin and Mai were lucky to have Martin’s neice Liz,  to take their photos and she arrived at the church for the rehearsal the day before the wedding when we were creating the pedestal arrangements in the church.  Liz continued to follow the whole event and made sure she took a picture of Martin and Mai outside the church welcoming the guests on the wedding day – another Vietnamese tradition.  Thank Liz for sharing some of these beautiful images with us -         


The table centrepieces included mauve calla lilies and mauve and ivory roses and the wedding reception was held at Sandy Lodge Golf Club.  Martin and Mai were so kind to invite us to share their celebrations but we had already planned a weekend away ourselves so missed what we are sure was a really enjoyable event.  We always take a peek at the menu so we know we missed melon and parma ham, oriental spiced salmon and lemon tart or summer pudding – ah well, on the plus side, I saved a few calories!


  The first dance was taken to Leo Sayers’, “More Than I Can Say” which includes the line “ I love you more than I can say” over and over  - this is clear when

  you meet the couple who shared all the decisions to do with their wedding flowers and décor.


  The celebrations continued with a wedding party in Vietnam and a honeymoon in Penang in Malaysia, another place on my bucket list!




Lovely words of thanks from the bride and groom:-

A wedding without flowers is not a wedding and perhaps is the most important aspect to get right. After a few phone calls to florist shops and independants we found Debby. Over the phone, Debby displayed a deep love for and knowledge of her hobby - flower decoration. She had a calming influence at a panicky time when all things had to be booked, discussed and paid for. How wonderful Debby was - both attentive and advised in a polite way when she knew we were not going down the right path. My mother, who said she was a florist (liked flowers!) would have been proud of her presentational skills.

Thank you Debby from Mai & Martin. x


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