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I visited Jen and Steve at dusk one evening last year to talk about their wedding flowers. Jen was keen on all white flowers and loved peonies and hydrangeas.  She wanted to keep things simple - we talked about vase groupings and I showed her some photos from Pinterest that I thought would work for her.  Jen liked the idea of a mixing different sized cubes on half of the tables and bowls on the rest, set on mirror plates with tea lights and crystals.  Peonies were to be the star of the show and would feature in Jen's and the bridesmaids bouquets.



We had a heat wave during the week leading up to the wedding and it was a struggle to keep the peonies opening at the right pace!  Even buying fresh during the week didn’t help as they quickly bloused blew and we had to dispose of.  As all the flowers are imported from Holland, you don’t know how developed they will be until you collect your order from the market – sometimes they take a week to open and sometimes 24 hours – it’s a real guessing game!  We always buy plenty to cover andf ortunately we had enough beautifully open flowers to use for the tables and bouquets.


The Manor Hotel in Datchet was the setting for Jen and Steve’s wedding and the day dawned sunny and bright.  Jen had decorated the conservatory with huge blue paper pomp oms – you can see how to do these on line and here is one link,




We placed geraniums in terracotta pots on the courtyard tables and after having made sure the grooms buttonhole was straight, we started decorating the wedding breakfast room and the result was really fresh and sparkly, perfect for a summers day!


As we left we spotted the bride and grooms mode of transport provided by Celebration Campers at  - a 1966 chauffeur driven VWQ split screen camper van, very prettily refurbished providing many phot opportunities!  Jen and Steve arrived on the village green shortly afterwards for some more photos and a glass of champagne or two whilst I joined Jenny, my assistant colleague in the local café for a much needed cup of coffee and a roll before heading back.

We understand the wedding guests enjoyed more salubrious fare…. ham hock terrine with homemade piccalilli, then breast of Barbury duck with pak choi, dessert was white chocolate mousse with summer berry compote.  Quite a party followed into the evening judging by the bleary eyes we saw the next morning when we went to collect the vases!




Jen and Steve said they had an amazing honeymoon in Santorini enjoying boat trips and of course lots of restaurant visits!




Let’s end with the lovely message Jen had printed on the guest cards “You were in my Head, now you are in my Heart, please stay there Forever”… Congratulations Jen and Steve and have a really happy and contented life together.

With thanks to Rebecca Sanders, for some of the beautiful images inclded in this blog.   



Update - kind words from the brides mum, Marion and Jen:

Dear Debby

 I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful flowers that you provided on Sunday for Jenny's wedding. They were so pretty and you really captured exactly what Jenny wanted and you took so much time and patience to get it just right for her. 

Every little detail was covered, even the pots for the bouquets here on the morning !  The peonies were really fabulous - I loved them.

We can't thank you enough for your attention to detail.  We will definitely be recommending you - in fact there were several local young couples at the wedding taking much interest !

Thanks again for all your hard work,

With best wishes,



The flowers were absolutely beautiful, just what I wanted and everyone commented on how beautiful they were. We will not hesitate in recommending you to any friends, colleagues and strangers!!

Jen x

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